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Neverland is situated at Number 97, Wenzhi Lane of Wuyi Street at Lijiang Ancient Town, Yunnan Province. Its next door neighbor is the only cathedral in Lijiang. Across the street is the former home of Fang Guoyu, a famous historian in Lijiang. Nestling in the center of the town, the area remains peaceful in this busy neighborhood, and has been the home for generations for the wealthy and influential families of Lijiang.

At Neverland, the ancient architectural courtyard arrangement has been maintained to this day- transparently light and spacious, with exquisite wood carvings. Inside the courtyard, brooks guggle, flowers and trees are luxuriant and well-spaced; towers and pavilions appear in sight in every few steps. What a pleasure it is to stroll through the private garden or to sit in a corner while enjoying the stars in the sky?

Neverland is composed of one main courtyard and four attached courtyards. Using the Naxi features of the main courtyard as a base, we have built a tranquil, unsophisticated and elegant environment for relaxation; with the four attached courtyards designed according to a combination of styles, specifically the South's aquatic garden and the relaxed water scenery found in Southeast Asia. To ensure your privacy, Blossom Hill Inn offers you a choice of 18 exquisite suites, each one has its own entrance and an exclusive view. All the bedding is tailor-made for Blossom Hill Inn by the world-famous suppliers to top hotels. Toilets are equipped with high class Kohler fixtures; bathrooms are spacious and fitted with different bathing facilities such as showers, sauna and jacuzzi bathtubs. Meanwhile, all guest rooms are equipped with state of the art pumps which ensure a steady supply of hot water, so that you can really indulge yourself while bathing.

This is the inn for those who have a predestined relationship with us. The flowers in front and the moon above filter the noise coming from the town. With a kettle of fragrant tea, you leisurely watch flowers blooming brightly as time quietly flows by …
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